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Beautiful trees, green grass and flowers, 70 degree weather, a soft breeze…one of the perfect the for spending time outdoors. Along with that beauty comes a slew of environmental allergies making an allergy sufferer’s worse nightmare come true. In this household, when Spring and Fall come, GG’s year around allergies are at their worst and [Read On]


I was listening to Elvis Radio on XM (don’t judge) when he said he was too pooped to pop. That’s exactly how I feel every second of the day.  My eyelids feel like they are so thick and in need of continuous eye drops and stronger eyeglasses as well. The Dr. said my vision can [Read On]


  Happy Earth Day! One of my favorite quotes by Michael Pollan is, “If it came from a plant eat it, if it was made in a plant, don’t. ” Not always easy but something I have learned to embrace more and more. I only wish I had started when I was younger so I knew how [Read On]


When it comes to my little one, sensory processing disorder and celebrations of any kind just don’t mix. She is a seeker so she runs into walls, falls to the ground, gets loud, pushes, hugs WAY to hard (like a wrestler)… all things that can hurt others and/or herself.  She’s been this way ever since she [Read On]