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That title sounds a bit kinky, don’t you think?  Haha. Yesterday was Peps annual with the vet and as nervous as she is, (she’s part poodle), she didn’t do too bad for an eleven year old.  Isn’t she cute?  She’s not a lap warmer but instead a foot or side of your body warmer.  The [Read On]


I have a love hate relationship with summer camp for kids.  Some girls there told her she was very inappropriate and they didn’t like her because she had a potty mouth.  GG would say things like “Poopy butt” I asked her why ” I like acting and saying things boys say but I don’t like [Read On]


Next week GG starts Kindergarten-staggered entry for one day, her day is Tuesday, with the following week being all five days.  Unless I feel absolutley terrible or having a flare up, I am not a procrastinator.  I like getting things marked off my to do list ASAP. It’s a habit that is hard to break but [Read On]

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Well, I did it and I am so freak’n proud!  Not sure why I doubted myself but from time to time I do that. It may be due to that one time years ago that I tried using a pressure cooker.  I have never forgotten how the ceiling looked after that. Haha!?! Thankfully those hornworms didn’t [Read On]