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My Chronic Pain Dr has requested that I keep a daily log of my symptoms for Fybromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue  so I keep a running list on my iPhone;  however, I don’t want to be repetitive by blogging about each one daily so unless I have more to say than just sharing my symptoms, my plan is to [Read On]


I started to notice more and more things that we were looking for, that surprised us, caused a double take, was strange, or just things out of the ordinary; all seemingly to have become our ordinary. “And there it sat” was born.  This “and there it sat” is truly that. Awhile back I saw this [Read On]


During our staycation Jman was away at his GF’s, GG was at an all day outdoor adventure camp, and our new puppy, that GG named Charlie Chase, at a training camp. Here he is when we first got him. I know, adorable, isnt he? Hubby and I couldn’t believe the house was empty and honestly didn’t [Read On]


Have you ever had a staycation or vacation where after getting back you felt like you needed another just to relax?  Oy! After a staycation for Daddy and then last weeks vacation to the ocean, Daddy and Mommy both are in need of a break. I know that sounds awful but it wasn’t easy. Instead [Read On]